Friday, December 11, 2009


After SPM......comes the boring holiday T.T Hope i did well in spm...
SIENZ ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVERYDAT STAY AT HOME.......Doin ntg

Thursday, September 24, 2009

G-Force ^^

Went Cinema today to watch movie with my fren....
Finally we bought tickets for G-Force...nice movie
There were guinea pigs, flies n cockroach as agent to help the world....
The movie just 1 and half an hour.....but my fren n I were enjoyed....Many funny scenes in the movie...
Actually i wanna watch Orphan n Up de.....but DONT HAVE!!!!!!Hate!!!! Will watch it in this saturday at Sunway Piramid!!! ngek ngek ngek....
Bought new shoes today^^ White-sliver high it^^
Cant wait for this saturday....Shop shop shop...hahaha...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quit blogging for a few months

hmm......lack of online i've no time to blog
Maybe after SPM i will be more active here. kekez...
So pai seh for didnt update my blog for so long....
ntg more to write le....
GoodNightz everyone^^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Belove friends

Happy Birthday to Hui Xian...hope u enjoy that day o...ur friends celebrated ur birthday...really sorry i cant join u all...Wish u all the best...10A1 in SPM...haha^^
Hope that u will like my present ya~~
Happy birthday to Wilson...wish ur wishes come true ya...+oil in ur exam...Hmm...present will give to u a bit late^^" paiseh....
Anyway...friends forever

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Handphone

I’m a fan of Sony Ericsson Walkman phone series and I was so supprised that my father bought me W995. My relative handed me a phone box yesterday night around 11++ When i opened the cover, i cant believed that the phone was W995.
My father bought me a phone because my phone was spoiled because some "incident"...
Before this he got asked me what phone model i want....but i dont know much about i went to school to asked my friends....My friend suggested me G705. But i dun think G705's camera is better than worst than my previous handphone W850.

What did i get overall?
1.Of course,the red W995 phone
2.8GB Memory Stick Micro™
4.USB Cable
6.Sony Ericsson PC Suite software

After few days i use this W995, i felt that this phone is too expensive and not really good functional....

First of all, the camera sucks....although it is 8.1 Megapixel, but compare with my mother's N95 that is only 5Megapixel, the picture quality is about the same....and N95 is rather better than W995. In night mode photo shooting, it even worst...whenever ur hand shake or move a little, the image taken were blur...

Secondly, it does not support digi msn...i need to online almost everyday and i m lazy to on my computer just to msn....before that W850 is just fine for me because it does support this funtion... does not support web browsing.. HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS are a waste with the software provided.Hate it.....Still tot can online with Wi-Fi but at last, really made me so dissapointed!!!

There were so many to complaint about this phone and the worst of all, the phone is too expensive!!! I am really regret to request my father to buy this phone for me....and i should do more research from web before I decided to choose this phone...but its too late for me to regret now...If i can choose again, i wont support Sony Ericsson but mother's Nokia 95 is just an ideal phone for me....after i did some comparizon with W995!!!!! Nothing but regret!!! Burden my father to buy me this phone that not worth the price... Sorry dad...i made a worst choice ever!!! But i will still treasure this phone because is bought by my Dad. My dad really work very hard for this...His salary was ruin because my unreasonable demand...acually i no need to get such an expensive phone.....I m just a student. Havent learn to earn but tend to spend much adi...T.T
I will study hard to reciprocate u DAD

Friday, June 19, 2009

Terrible Exam Results

First...i oready forecast that my result will be bad....but didn't expected that SOOOOOOO bad.... results

BM 76
BI 71
BC 63
PM 87
MT 47
MM 81
BIO 60
PHY 65
CHE 61
SEJ 64

What the hell the result was....but as long as i didnt fail my add math, i am happy with it di. Haiz. Whole form 5 only 7 who pass in the exam...others all failed. [phew]
Get a quite good marks on Chinese essay but bad in subjective only manage to get 63[sob]
I m the highest mark in English if i m not mistaken...71 godness!!!
Cannot lazy adi, have to work hard from now on...[maybe] haha...still lazy to study lar....>.<
Hope will get a better result in percubaan....the most important is SPM!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Karnival Kerjaya Peringkat Kebangsaan 2009

Fortunately...i won in drawing competition in Peringkat Negeri....
So i will represent my state-Selangor to national competition held in UTP(University Teknologi Petronas),Perak on 8-11 june.
My teacher and I reached JPS(Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor) in about 8 o'clock....
but we've to wait for others who had not reached yet.

There were 9 competition and around 38 students from our state who joined this competition.
The competition included Sketsa, Kain Rentang, Media Maklumat, Eksporasi Alam Kerjaya, Folio Sekolah Menengah and Sekolah Rendah, Melukis Poster Menengah and Sekolah Rendah as well.
We took around 4hours to reach the university....[Phew]

When we reached there....we have a photography session in the big hall....We were welcome by a team who played "kompang" which seems like they were welcoming "Orang Besar" [swt]
Outside the hall, they have a "silat'' perfomance and everyone did enjoyed it....

Before we step into the hall....we were given a small packet of sweets while our teacher got bunga telur which they didnt put any "telur" in it but replace with sweets....That bunga telur really decorated very beautiful.....and i like it very much....^^

After they took our photograph, we move to our village...where we have to stay there for four days and three nights. We got our room keys from our ketua kontinjen and we headed to our room and rest in our room for a few hours...My room mate was a primary school student that represent our state in drawing competition too. She was quite and didn't talk much,whatever la...because i also dun like to talk too much with someone who i am not really close with...

Kitchen there....
Our table

My bed
Four bags
Unfortunately, my phone "DEAD" on the spot when i reach my room.... My phone off and cannot on back....what phone to use these few days????? i m gonna die for sure...really sad that i couldn't take any picture there without my phone....and i dont have watch also....all depends on my my phone was spoiled....SO, i am a people who dunno the time at all, cant contact other ppl, and the most important is i cant any take picture!!!!sad [sob sob]

I didnt talk with other students which was from the same state and i always alone there or just with my matter where i am and what im doin...always aloneT.T. Really different with the character or personalities which i really am....I am talkative,always act silly or do many funny action in school...almost like '' sha po'' XD [hehe]

So...without my phone....i can be more concentrate on my drawings[guess so]....because b4 this...i just played my phone all the time and didnt practice drawing at home...and i even dunno what i have to draw in the drawing competition on the next day...So... i tried to think and draw it out at night. After i satisfied with my drawing... I am lazy to finish the whole drawing...because b4 this i oredi drawn many times when the preparation for peringkat negeri. Quickly sleep because really tired on the 1st day....

Havent finished,what i planned to draw in the competition

Oh ya...This carnival have around 600 participants from whole malaysia...They were from 16 states...Sarawak, Sabah, Labuan, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perak, Pulau Pinang, Putrajaya, Perlis, Pahang, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Selangor. We've been told by the organizer that at the 3th day, there was a Jamuan Makan Malam...and the hall was too small for everyone who participated in this carnival...somehow...they have build some canopy outside the hall for us...and who got number 1,2 and 3 only can sit inside the hall and have our dinner...SO...who wanted to sit in the hall and have their dinner,they have to do well in the competition and get a cruel....for who didn't get any places, they have to sit outside the hall.

Second day
Every competition started as well as my drawing competition....I woke up very early and cant sleep well night.Wake up every hour i think.... Went to Multi Purpose Hall(MPH) where the competition held. Almost every drawing participants was Chinese....yea..i knew...Chinese is better in drawing...[swt]XD

I noticed some participants which were full of confident. A guy from Negeri Sembilan....really relax sitting there and chit chating with his teacher while waiting for the judge to start the competition. And a gal which seems elder than me also looked well prepared, made me more nervous.

I am really nervous and can hear my heart beat "dup dup dup dup"....Then i went to toilet to cool down 1st....wahahaha. After we registered, we went into a room and took our sit inside. I sat at the most infront position...and a gal sat next to me....she looks like can draw very well and look confident also ~~....sitting there really so boring and waiting for the time to pass...but it helps to calm down my nervourness and draw in a best condition. Longer i sat inside, i didn't feel that nervous anymore..thank godness^^

Sharp at 9 o'clock,the competition started. Everyone started to draw their drawings.........whole room became so quite immediately. I just used around 15 minutes to finish drawing the whole picture and started to color at 9:16. I finished drawing fast because i need a long time to color the whole picture....3and the half hour for me really not enough to finished the whole drawing actually....but i have to do it too!!!!!!My drawing was not as good as i tot because i colour very fast and not really neat.....T.T Then i see others....@.@ two tumbs hope di lar. After the competition finished, my teacher asked me how was my drawing just now...then i say..."haiz....not nice" haha....and my teacher seems abit dissapointed.

Then i went downstairs to see kain rentang....our state draw really very very very very nice!!! Sure get 1st i think....then i see other state also didn't did well as our state...haha....champion Selangor kain rentang....[lolz] but dun happy so early 1st lar....After kain rentang finished, we head back to our village and took our lunch.

We have to take bus to every places because it was quite far from a destination to another the organizer had prepared 8 bus for us to send us to our destination. Nothing to do after my competition, so i took a bath and sleep in my room until night....lolz...pig XD

Night, i was really too boring to just stayed inside the room and doing ntg... So i took a bus and headed to cansellery hall to watch Eksplotasi Alam Kerjaya presentation. I just watch some presentation....from Kl , and dunno which state oready whom presented Juru animasi-Animator. They presented well and might have a chance to win.... Kl presented Doktor Veterina....but it doesn't map to the theme which is "Sains dan Teknologi Asas Keutuhan Ekonomi Negara".Wats the relation with saving animals and helping the economy of our nation....[lolz] After that, back to our village, have a night tea, then sleep.

Third day
Woke up and went to canselory hall to support our Selangor member. They also presented Animator career but worst than the team yesterday which presented the same thing. So.....haiz...sorry to said this but really no chance oredi. After that, our state went to Kelles Castle that was around 45 minute from UTP to there.
The tour guide told us some history about the castle....It is all about a husband love to his wife. Kelles wanted to build a castle for his wife but the castle was not finishing build because of the 2nd world war. They said they believe that the soul of kelles still inside the u believe???lolz.... I went in to the castle alone...while they were taking photograph with the famous bear tree. I walked over the whole castle but didn't see anything. swt....i really wish to see the soul of kelles leh.....Haiz, upset because didn't see anyhting...haha. But i like the building that was really beautiful if it succeed built up. After this, we headed back to UTP and took our lunch. I went into UTP's library....very special library and the most important for me was....there were internet service inside^^ yeah...faster online n chat with my "special" friend...haha.. The "ceramah" given by UTP was quite boring... i felt that i m wasting time sitting inside there.

Around 4++ Kain Rentang participants told me that they did not win in the competition...@@ Result came out di?????nervous nervous.....But how come they didnt win in the competition....its impossible....they said Sabah won....What!!!OMG!! Is it something wrong with the judge???? Everyone knew that the Sabah drawn so "nice" and its impossible for them to win....So they wanted to ask their Ketua Kontinjen and confirmed whether is it true. But no any news of drawing competition....I tot i didn't win in the competition for sure....because many others state drawn well also. Back to Village, Ketua Kontinjen saw me and shouted at me"Josephine! " Then i walked to her. I was told by her that i won in the drawing competition @@ huh????really?? They all congrated me and i just felt....blur blur....swt.... Take a nap and prepared for the Jamuan Malam.
We needed to wear Baju Batik in the Jamuan Malam. My teacher borrowed me a greenish baju batik which i have no eyes to see. I have to wear that clothes this night T.T . That clothes is just like for Nenek Nenek wear de....haiz

Night, took my sit and sat with all Poster winner... Quite boring because i dont know anyone there... But a primary student which from Sarawak really beautiful n nice to me....only she talked with me but others dont....Haiz...Sat there for 1hour waiting for all the "ORANG BESAR" to reach!!!!
nine o'clock, we only started to take our dinner. All the dishes was there when we reach....after one hour....the dishes was cold n not really have appetite to eat those dishes...I just ate a fish and two or three prawn there with rice but I enjoyed the stage performance......
Selangor members
I got number 3th in the drawing two trophy and a sijil but no money award...== too bad...Every year have but why this year dont have....sad sad sad....The guy from Negeri Sembilan regret to participate in this competition because no money award XD...He said better participate in Dadah competition because there were money award, haha...He got the 1st which i mention b4 that were full of confident and relax chit chating with his teacher b4 the competition. After Jamuan Malam, everyone busying taking photograph as a memory including me....Really happy that i got a place on the competition....^^

Fourth day
Went to Lumut, bought a battery for my phone, two Dolphin dolls for my frens n some junk food for my family.I made new friends here and we took many photographs together. We departed from Lumut at 11++ but i reached home at 5++ .What the....haiz....

fake boat

New style titanic- U jump i jump
Both dolphins for my friends,hope they will like this

Felt boring for the whole trip because my phone battery spoiled. Just sleep at my free time and doin ntg there after my competition...Sienz....But thank my godness for getting a place in the competition.Yeah~~~~~^^

My trophy...left is for me and the right is for school
From left to right, trophy for daerah(johan), negeri(johan) and the last but not least, kebangsaan(ketiga)
Trophy and sijil but no money awards...sienz